Full Rig - £180

our largest 2.8kW rig which cater for full band set-ups and venues up to 400 people, it's everything you need for a great gig!

What does it do?

Yamaha DXR 12

Active full range speaker
12" 1" ferrite-components
90° x 60° waveguide horn
bi-amped 1100 watt
52- 20.000 Hz
XLR and Jack in/outputs
362 x 601 x 350 MM
Weight: 19,3 KG

Yamaha DXS 15

subwoofer delivers powerful yet focused low end reaching as low as 42Hz. The DXS’s fully optimized band-pass design combines with its powerful Class-D amplifier, long travel 15” woofer, and formidable DSP to deliver a tight, impressive bass with outstanding depth and high power output.

Multi Core

16/4 with stage box, Stage-Box fitted with 16 XLR female + 4 XLR Male, cable diameter 15mm, thomann Cable Length: 30m.

Great for keeping cables clean and tidy to avoid tripping.

Shure beta 57

The Beta 57A is a precision-engineered dynamic microphone designed for detailed reproduction of amplified or acoustic instruments.

Great for very close performances, with minimal feedback.

Shure beta 58

The Beta 58 dynamic

 vocal microphone

is precision-engineered

for live performance

and project studio recording.

A tailored frequency response accentuates vocals.

Shure sm57

The legendary SM57

is an industry-standard, highly versatile cardioid 

dynamic microphone 

tuned for the clean

reproduction of

amplified and acoustic instruments

Rode MP5 mp

Stereo-Set Condenser Microphones

Great for capturing group performances

Stereo Pair so you get the feel for the space

Also great for Violin, Mandolin, Piano etc

Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz

MacBook Pro

A must for recording.

Loaded out with Protools, Logic, Reaper as well as the X32 in house Software.


Behringer x32 compact

This is the crown of our Rig.
16 on-board mic preamps
16 balanced analogue XLR inputs
6 local auxiliary inputs
LCD scribble strip
Custom People Staring layout.
Short guide to bring you up to speed.

Behringer 210D

We use the 210D as stage monitors.

Great little speakers and pack alot of punch.

High-power 200-Watt

C430 overhead microphones

The C430 is compact with a uniquely crisp sound.

The C430 high-performnce condenser microphone is specifically designed for cymbal and overhead miking. The frequency response of the C430 ensures a uniquely crisp sound.

D40 snare/tom

The D40 professional instrumental microphone  for toms, snare and more.

An integrated stand adapter in combination with the included H440 mounting bracket makes the D40 a highly versatile tool for use on drums, percussion and guitar amps.

ART ZDirect di box

The Zdirect is a high quality totally passive interface DI box, that lets you connect instrument, line, or speaker level signals to a mixer or other balanced input thru a high performance audio isolation transformer.

Shure sm58

The legendary SM58® is an industry-standard, highly versatile cardioid dynamic vocal microphone, tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction. The SM58 is consistently the first choice for vocal performances around the globe.

Behringer DI-20

The ULTRA-DI DI20 is a one-of-a-kind DI (direct injection) box that can convert up to two separate unbalanced 1/4" TRS lines into two balanced XLR outputs, or function as a signal splitter. Electric guitarists, keyboardists and bassists will love the flexibility this incredible box provides.

D112 bass drum mic

The D112 has earned a well-deserved reputation worldwide as the best kick drum microphone ever made. Heavy-footed drummers are thrilled with the D112´s ability to handle up to 160dB SPL without any distortion.

Jazz isn't dead. It just smells funny.

-- Frank Zappa --

Medium Rig £110

All the power of the Full Rig but without the complex desk. Perfect for music, iPod discos and events when a band is not being used.

Compact Rig £60

Our Compact Rig is our smallest Rig but still packs a punch. Perfect for speeches/Public Announcements with a very small footprint.

Our Testimonials

  • Luca captured all the elements and essence of who we are and what we do, all in 3 minutes. Fantastic film making

    Kaktherine Kennedy, Horticultural Trainer at HCGC.
  • I loved working with Luca, he made me feel at ease with any suggestions that I made, and made me feel that anything was possible. I felt I could bounce off him creatively. He was efficient, professional and very easy to communicate and work with. I was very happy with the work he produced and I would highly recommend him. Ideally I would like to keep him in my pocket. :)

    Katie Ware, Little Sparrow
  • People Staring's Camera Work is stunning - absolute pleasure to work with.

    Tamsin Holleran, Sofar

Studio/Live Recording £100

We have an array of Microphones that are perfect for Live Recording. Be it a gig already happening and you wish to Capture the live sound - Or a Sound Engineer Freelancing.



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